Beretta 690 Black Shotguns

Beretta 690 Black Shotguns
SKU: 080690BLKSP
Manufacturer: Beretta
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Thanks to its Steelium barrels and outstanding balance, the 690 Black Edition provides accuracy, ease of handling and perfect control. Exactly what you need when you start aiming at your first 25.

690 Black Edition
The most renowned competition over and unders are now available in a Black Edition for the 690. The shotgun features Beretta’s legendary Steelium barrels which, coupled with the shotgun’s outstanding balance, provides accuracy, ease of handling and perfect control. Exactly what you need when you start aiming at your first 25. Featuring a matte/polished black receiver with orange details and matte black barrels with anti-glare finish, the 690 Black Edition will instantly be recognisable on the range.

High quality Steelium barrels 
From the 3" chamber on forward, the Steelium proprietary steel alloy gives the barrels a combination of lightness and resistance to deterioration under firing. For shooters, this means a shotgun that comes effortlessly to the shoulder while offering enviable pattern consistency. You will also find the barrels has an anti-glare finish to provide the best conditions for target acquisition. 

Low recoil, extreme durability 
The OptimaChoke HP system gives you low recoil and extreme durability with any kind of loads (2 3/4" or 3") and the kind of accuracy that will always make you successful in the field or at the range. OptimaChoke HP geometry was conceived to offer the best ballistic performance available, with steel or lead shot. 

Trim, low profile receiver 
The trim, low-profile receiver features curved locking lugs for unbeatable strength. Without altering the height of the action, Beretta has made its locking system stronger and the hinge-pins even more durable.

A unique look  

At the heart of its visually striking appearance is a matte/polished finish and orange details on the receiver. Another distinctive element is the orange stock spacer. 

Grade 2.5+ wood 
The 690 Black Edition features the best wood grade of its category to deliver a really amazing look. Every stock is carefully selected, checked and fitted by the most qualified Beretta experts to guarantee the maximum technical and aesthetical standards. The wood is oil-finished, giving you a striking work of art out of the box.

2.36 inches over 1.5 inches drop
Beretta has found this to be the absolute best drop for most shooters; the shotgun will come up to your cheek naturally and align your eye to the target without effort.

Recoil reduction pad
Micro Core, the best recoil pad ever made by Beretta, gives you two substantial advantages. The first is dramatic recoil reduction, thanks to the soft Micro Core polymer that expands on a wide area under recoil; the second is that its soft and smooth polymer will not snag or catch on your clothes while shouldering the shotgun.

ModelStockGaugeChamberRibChokesBarrel Length 
SportingStandard123"10x8Optima Choke HPx528"/30"/32" 
Sporting ASBFAST123"10x8Optima Choke HPx528"/30"/32" 
TrapStandard122 ¾”10x10Fixed ¾ & Full30"/32" 
Trap ASBFAST122 ¾”10x10Fixed ¾ & Full30"/32"