Steiner Commander Global 7x50 Compass Binoculars

Steiner Commander Global 7x50 Compass Binoculars Hardly any other product embodies the legendary STEINER values for innovation and tradition better than the STEINER Nighthunter 8×30 LRF.
SKU: 08STN7830
Manufacturer: Steiner
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The world's best binoculars for use on the high seas around the world — this is the goal STEINER, the inventor of compass binoculars, set when deciding to develop its latest flagship instrument. The result: the Commander Global, the one-of-a-kind combination of a highly precise compass with the brightest high-end optics to ever be used in a marine binocular.

 With the Commander Global you will demonstrate not only your passion for perfection but will also be able to meet the greatest challenges facing your team and materials with style. The ideal equipment for anybody who won't be satisfied with anything but the best. 

Only the best is good enough

 The compass lens is extremely rugged and practically indestructible thanks to the Makrolon® housing, nano coating and the NBR Longlife Rubber Armouring. With its precision lenses and an innovative high-tech Diamond-Marine-Coating, the Commander Global offers superb optical performance with previously unattainable light transmission combined with the proven Sports-Auto-Focus. The STEINER ComfortGrip with gel pads, the new strap system and the well-designed accessories ensure long-lasting secure and comfortable use.

The new Global Compass

 No calibrating or adjusting: the new Global Compass is the absolute pinnacle and once again demonstrates STEINER's skill in creative innovation. The integrated electronic magnetic field measurement ensures absolutely precise readings, everywhere in the world from the Arctic Circle to the South Seas. Thanks to its digital technology, the bearing is extremely precise. Analogically superimposed on the lower edge of the image, the display is especially easy to read without disturbing the field of vision. The intuitive operation and the compensation for inclination angles make handling especially easy and reliable. You will be thrilled with the decisive functional advantage of the Commander Global.

 Technical Specifications

  • Compass - Worldwide Digital
  • Bearing - Precise Reticle
  • Objective diameter - 50mm
  • Magnification - 7x
  • Weight - 1147g
  • Width - 206mm
  • Height - 157mm
  • Depth - 99mm
  • Exit Pupil - 7.1mm
  • Luminosity - 51.00 
  • Twilight Factor - 18.7
  • Field of view @ 1000m - 130m
  • Focussing System - Sports-Auto-Focus
  • High-Performance-Optics - High-Definition-Diamond-Marine-Coating
  • Water proof - Up to 10m
  • Temperature Range - 40 to +80°C
  • Eyecups - ErgoFlex
  • Rubber Armouring - NBR Longlife 
  • Carrying Strap - Comfort
  • Objective Cover - Yes
  • Bag - High quality case with flotation strap
  • Warranty - 30 years