Beretta Silver Pigeon I Classic Shotguns

Beretta Silver Pigeon I Classic Shotguns
Manufacturer: Beretta
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Beretta Silver Pigeon I Classic is the most luxurious Silver Pigeon yet with its high grade wood and vignette game scene engraving in both sporting and field configurations.

 The Silver Pigeon I Classic is the upgrade from the Silver Pigeon I. The Classic comes with a deluxe grade 3 wood which nears EELL standards. The engraving features a vignette style on the side filled with a wonderful game scene; a pheasant adorns the trigger guard and the classic scroll engraving completes the borders. Whether hunting or sports shooting is your passion, the aesthetics of the Classic coupled with Beretta’s performance is sure to please.

 Natural pointability, swing

The Silver Pigeon I uses two conical locking lugs at mid-action, right between the barrels. This gives the receiver vault-like locking strength while keeping the profile considerably lower. The advantage is that the eye of the shooter is a lot closer to the plane of his or her supporting hand resulting in considerably better swing and hand-eye coordination, and more successful shots.

Extreme durability

Conical locking lugs “self-adjust” by setting themselves slightly deeper into the barrel unit so the receiver will still lock up positively, without any compromise on strength and ensuring longevity.

Cold-hammer forged barrel

Beretta's cold-hammer forged barrels are designed and painstakingly manufactured to offer pure perfection in the geometry of the tube to ensure the pellets compact nicely.   

Flawless finish 

The oil-finished select walnut stock sports a beautiful and crisp checkering pattern.

Classic style

The schnabel fore-end adds to the classic flavour of this over-under. 

Floral engraving

The receiver is embellished with traditional designs reminiscent of the British and European gunmaking schools. The geometry of the scrolls is proportioned to match the elegance of the receiver, as well as to complement the overall lines of this perfectly-balanced shotgun.

ModelStockEngravingCal.ChamberRibChokesBarrel Length 
SportingDLX WoodVignette Game Scene123"10x8OCx528"/30" 
Sporting  DLX Wood ASVignette Game Scene123"10x8OCx528"/30" 
FieldDLX WoodVignette Game Scene203"6x6MCx528"/30" 





AS = Adjustable Stock (Memory System)
DLX = Deluxe Grade 3 wood
OC = Optima Choke Flush
MC = Mobil Choke Flush