Uberti 1866 Yellowboy Rifles

Uberti 1866 Yellowboy Rifles
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Manufacturer: Uberti
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Uberti has recreated 3 of the most popular 1866 Yellowboy Rifle models:

  • Yellowboy Carbine, with 19 inch barrel and carbine-style brass buttplate
  • Yellowboy Short Rifle, with 20 inch barrel, brass forend nose cap and solid brass crescent buttplate
  • Yellowboy Rifle, with 24-1/4 inch barrel, brass forend nose cap and solid brass crescent buttplate

The 1866 Yellowboy Rifle was a marked improvement over the Henry Rifle. It became a worldwide hit.

It had a convenient new type of loading gate devised by Winchester plant superintendent Nelson King. It passed cartridges through the side of the receiver. This improvement made the lever action more functional and allowed for the installation of a wooden forend.


1866 Yellowboy Carbine
Round Barrel
Code Description Barrel Length Mag. Cal.
UB2231866 Trapper Carbine16.1/8"10+1.38SP
UB2331866 Trapper Carbine16.1/8"10+1.44/40
UB2351866 Trapper Carbine16.1/8"10+1.45LC
UB2281866 Yellowboy Carbine19"10+1.45LC
UB2301866 Yellowboy Carbine19"10+1.44/40
UB2181866 Yellowboy Carbine19"10+1.44SP
UB2201866 Yellowboy Carbine19"10+1.38SP
UB2011866 Yellowboy Carbine19"10+1.38/40
UB2161866 Yellowboy Carbine19"10+1.32/20
UB2101866 Yellowboy Carbine19"10+1.22MAG
UB2001866 Yellowboy Carbine19"10+1.22LR


1866 Yellowboy Rifle
Octagonal Barrel
Code Description Barrel Length Mag. Cal.
UB20261866 Trapper Rifle16.1/8"10+1.38SP
UB20271866 Trapper Rifle16.1/8"10+1.45LC
UB20281866 Trapper Rifle16.1/8"10+1.44/40
UB2341866 Short Rifle20"10+1.45LC
UB2311866 Short Rifle20"10+1.44/40
UB2171866 Short Rifle20"10+1.44SP
UB2211866 Short Rifle20"10+1.38SP
UB2251866 Short Rifle20"10+1.38/40
UB2271866 Short Rifle20"10+1.32/20
UB2291866 Sporting Rifle24.1/4"13+1.45LC
UB2321866 Sporting Rifle24.1/4"13+1.44/40
UB2191866 Sporting Rifle24.1/4"13+1.44SP
UB2241866 Sporting Rifle24.1/4"13+1.38/40
UB2261866 Sporting Rifle24.1/4"13+1.32/20
UB2221866 Sporting Rifle24.1/4"13+1.38SP
UB2121866 Sporting Rifle24.1/4" .22MAG
UB2021866 Sporting Rifle24.1/4" .22LR